Mary Lee Roberson, Deidre's Grandmother


Deidre Palode is the Founder and Senior Publicist of MayLee Media, the public relations firm you need.  Known for many things; publicist, athlete, business woman, role model, Deidre has become one of Atlanta’s top emerging publicists. “I love when a PR Girl is making it happen and this one right here is one to watch,” Anje Collins, Founder of The Luxe PR Group. Her short time in the industry gives her the strength to keep going to build a brand to aspire the inspiring to transpire. Deidre Palode is the recipient of Apex Society's Power 30 Under 30 and continues to make strides for greatness as being one of the best publicist on Earth. Deidre has worked with brands and personalities such as BET, Rafael Cox Designs, Shear Genius Collection, Exclusive Vodka, Hewlett- Packard, American Basketball Association, Dr. Miracles, TVOne, and other notable brands.

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MayLee Media's name originated from Deidre Palode's grandmother, Mary Lee Roberson. Known to others as "Mother" or "May Lee", Deidre's grandmother's determination, strong will, loving personality and dedication is the story behind MayLee's Media name. "May Lee" never met a stranger and that's important as a publicist because we pride ourselves on building great relationships! See just as her grandmother got the job done, so does MayLee Media.

Here at MayLee Media we pride ourselves on our communication practices, our networks and our extensive connections in this industry. Every publicist knows "you are only as strong as your media list" and MayLee Media has personal relationships with other media professionals, journalists, bloggers and reporters. We are a stand-out Public Relations firm that aspires the inspiring to transpire and what that means we are the ones who gets your brand the maximum exposure it deserves. With constant collaboration, dedication, and execution, MayLee Media has a proven track record of getting the job done. Our ability to meet business and creative needs suffices as the go-to company for all things publicity. MayLee Media's prime objective is to attract the publicity, media attention, and exposure to captivate your brand's audience with an effort to elevate your brand to the next level of success.

Founded in 2014 with a focus of beauty, fashion, sports and lifestyle, we pride ourselves on hard work and even greater results. Allow MayLee Media to elevate your brand today!​ Download our Information Kit HERE.

Deidre Palode, Founder and Senior Publicist

Expertise: Public Relations, Brand Exposure, Writing

​"My job is to aspire the inspiring to transpire,"

-Deidre Palode, Founder of MayLee Media